How do I: create new accounts in the Streaming Control panel

Creating New Accounts

Creation of new accounts is facilitated through a New account option near the top of the page. The following options must be specified to create the account:

Account Type

Indicates the type of account which should be created:

Manual entry
Specifies that a user account should be created manually. This option is used to set up new streams in Centova Cast.

From template
Specifies that the account should be created based on an Account Template you have already created. Please refer to the Account Templates section for more information about account templates.

Specifies the hosting server on which the account should be created. Leaving this option set to "Automatically choose best" will choose the server which has the fewest existing accounts or select the data center, server you wish to have it created.

Server Type

Indicates the type of server to use for the account � currently, ShoutCast and IceCast are supported. Note that Centova Cast will only display server types which have been installed and enabled on your server.

Source Type
Indicates the type of streaming source to use for the account's autoDJ. Note that Centova Cast will only display source types which have been installed and enabled on your server. For ShoutCast and IceCast streams, you should virtually always choose ices-cc unless you have a specific reason for using something else, as ices-cc offers many features which other source types do not.

After setting your account options, click the Create button to proceed to the account editor to create your new account. The account creation interface is identical to the account editor interface

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