Resellers Control Panel settings

Basic Configuration
The basic configuration tab includes general settings that will be required for virtually all reseller
accounts. These include:

E-mail address
Specifies the reseller's E-mail address. Centova Cast will automatically send notifications
regarding the reseller's user accounts to this address when necessary.

Specifies the reseller's company/organization.

Time zone
Specifies the reseller's time zone.

Character encoding
Specifies the reseller's preferred character encoding.


Reseller Options Page
The limits page configures additional options for the reseller. Options include:

Default character encoding for new servers
Specifies the character encoding to be used by default for all new servers created by this reseller.

Amazon Web Services Access Key ID
Specifies the reseller's Amazon AWS Access Key ID. When specified, the each stream may be configured with an affiliate ID to integrate with's affiliate program. This will cause album covers to be displayed next to each album on the stream's “Recent Tracks” list (on the start page and in the “Recent Tracks” code snippet), and a “Buy this album” link will appear next to each track. Sales generated through the “Buy this album” link will be credited toward the administrator's or client's affiliate account.

Enabling this option will, however, cause the “Update Media Library” feature to import the client's media much more slowly, as the control panel will need to contact to obtain the album cover and affiliate code for each and every album in the client's library.

The reseller's AWS Access Key ID needs to be generated at and entered into this field.

Default Amazon affiliate ID
Specifies a default affiliate ID for all streams created by the reseller for which the client has not entered his own affiliate ID, allowing the reseller to collect commissions for Amazon affiliate sales for those streams.

Allow client-specified Amazon affiliate IDs
Configures whether or not client accounts are permitted to specify their own affiliate ID to collect Amazon commissions from Amazon affiliate sales. If set to “No”, only the reseller's affiliate ID will be used.

Google Maps API key
Specifies the Google Maps API key for the domain name (FQDN) on which control panel is hosted. Specifying a valid API key allows realtime mapping of listeners on a world map according to their geographic locations. Listener maps are shown both on the View Current Listeners page in each client's account, and on the start pages for each stream.

Logo image
Specifies a logo image to be displayed when the reseller's clients logo into the control panel, instead of the default logo.

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